EEOC v. Dolgencorp: Sweet Victory for an Employee with Diabetes

Sixth Circuit upholds the jury verdict against a company who fired a worker for treating her diabetes. Lots of folks work hard, but arguably, folks with disabilities have to work even harder. Consider individuals with diabetes. It is one thing to get through your shift, and it is a whole other thing to survive a [Read more]

Kathy Butler on Why She Advocates: “Let’s break down more walls”

  Kathy is featured in the September 2015 issue of Diabetes Forecast, a publication of the American Diabetes Association. The article is titled, “Advocates Fight for Fair Treatment and Diabetes Research Funding.” In highlighting her accomplishments representing individuals with diabetes who seek equal treatment in the workforce, the feature also reveals Kathy’s passion for helping [Read more]

How a Landmark Civil Rights Law Has Protected People with Diabetes for 25 Years

In 25 years of existence, the Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA), has opened a lot of doors in our nation’s workplaces. In recognition of the 25-year anniversary, our own Kathy Butler, along with Katie Hathaway, the Managing Director of Legal Advocacy for the American Diabetes Association, wrote the following post which appeared on the [Read more]

Rights of Houston Students with Diabetes

One of Kathy’s volunteer hats is advocacy for people with diabetes. She currently chairs the national Legal Advocacy Sub-Committee of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). In that role, she spoke last week at a gathering of Houston parents whose children have diabetes. The topic was the rights of children with diabetes in schools. The ADA [Read more]