Sad But True: Sexual Harassment is Easier With Fewer Women in the Workplace

  As of 2006, women constituted less than 3%  of the firefighting force in Houston. In 2009, two Houston female firefighters held a press conference about the hateful messages they describe finding on the walls of their fire station and sexual harassment in various forms that had been going on for months. The allegations included [Read more]

Kathy Butler on Why She Advocates: “Let’s break down more walls”

  Kathy is featured in the September 2015 issue of Diabetes Forecast, a publication of the American Diabetes Association. The article is titled, “Advocates Fight for Fair Treatment and Diabetes Research Funding.” In highlighting her accomplishments representing individuals with diabetes who seek equal treatment in the workforce, the feature also reveals Kathy’s passion for helping [Read more]

“An Aggressive Campaign” to Restore Workplace Protections

An article in the New York Times tracks the federal government’s recent efforts to provide additional legal protections to employees in this changing economy, including an expansion of the category of employees who are eligible for overtime. As the U.S. Department of Labor explains, the problem is that workers are being labeled as “independent contractors,” [Read more]