Each case is different and the cases listed here are not intended to suggest that all matters have the same result. This information, like everything on this website, is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as some sort of guarantee in any particular case. We do hope, though, that one thing comes through: we believe in our clients and will work hard to ensure that justice is done.

The vast majority of our clients’ legal matters are resolved without there being any public record, much less a published opinion. This is especially true with regard to our small business clients.

The firm is able to resolve a lot of client matters before a lawsuit even becomes necessary – and thus before there is any public record of the conflict. And, even when it becomes necessary to file litigation, there is often no published opinion – because these cases are generally settled either before trial, or after a verdict.

Only a small handful of cases are tried to a jury. Here are a few representative cases the firm has litigated:

Castillo, et. al v. City of Weslaco

The firm represented four police officers on appeal. These officers spoke out on matters involving police misconduct, and suffered retaliation from City officials as a result. The officers sued certain City officials in addition to the City itself, and the trial court agreed that the officials could properly be sued as individuals for violating the [Read more]

Kreuzer v. City of Houston

As the first female officer assigned to the Houston Police Department’s elite Motorcycle Unit, Beth Kreuzer had to prove herself worthy of being a member of the group over and over again. She met that challenge. But a sergeant’s persistent harassment, in which he grabbed her, toyed with her hair, and demeaned her in the [Read more]

Gunnels v. John Ashcroft and Akal Security, Inc.

The firm represented an experienced Court Security Officer who lost his job because of a hearing impairment. The government allowed him to wear hearing aids on the job, and his impairment (from years of police work) was fully disclosed when he was hired. But “new” standards for testing prohibited him from wearing hearing aids while [Read more]

Jerge v. City of Hemphill

This case arose when the City Council denied the female City Secretary an opportunity to serve as City Manager – even though she successfully handled the requirements of that job before. When she applied, the Mayor said she had his support, but warned her that City Council would “never go along with it because they [Read more]

LaFargue v. Jefferson Parish

This case involved an attorney who was wrongfully terminated because of his age. The district court accepted the employer’s argument that the attorney voluntarily left and dismissed the case before it was tried to a jury. The Court of Appeals disagreed with that ruling and reversed the case for a trial. The case settled before [Read more]

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Boyle v. RH Gallagher Company

The employee in this case was the President of the company, but was fired immediately after he returned to work from medical leave for cancer treatment. The case had been dismissed by the trial judge, and the firm stepped in to represent the employee on appeal. The Court of Appeals ruled that the disability discrimination [Read more]

Williamson v. City of Houston

The firm represented a female police officer who was continuously harassed by a male co-worker. Her supervisor ignored both the problem and her complaints for years. The jury returned a verdict in the officer’s favor, and the Court of Appeals upheld that verdict on appeal. Opinion (Google Scholar)