Kapche v. Holder

A jury found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) discriminated against Jeff Kapche when it refused to hire him as a Special Agent because of his disability – diabetes.

Before applying to the FBI, Kapche was assured that his diabetes would not stand in the way of his becoming a Special Agent. Kapche then passed all entrance criteria required of those who would be a Special Agent, including the final medical examination. But, at the last minute, the FBI notified Kapche that he would not be hired.

In court, the FBI took the position that Kapche, a 15-year law enforcement veteran, could not perform the job of a Special Agent because he chose to manage his type 1 diabetes with insulin injections (instead of using an insulin pump). The evidence showed that insulin therapy was no more hazardous than using the pump, and in many cases was superior because parts for broken pumps are not widely available. It also showed that Kapche had an impeccable record of diabetes management without complications.

Kapche is a powerful example that a medical condition does not dictate your ability to be successful in any field you choose. Because of Jeff Kapche and his legal team, others with diabetes no longer need to check their dreams at the door.

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