Welcome to Butler & Harris!

Kathy Butler and Margie Harris have built an outstanding reputation in the field of employment law. And this is because they are tenacious, thorough, and creative.  They will honestly assess your situation and give you no-nonsense advice to address your legal issues.



Butler & Harris opened its doors in 1988 and Kathy and Margie have practiced employment law in Houston, Texas from day one. Experience counts and these lawyers have it.

The firm was recently ranked as a Tier 1 firm by the U.S. News & World Report. This means Bulter & Harris is part of the 2% of national and international law firms that are recognized for their distinguished services to clients and the legal community.

If you are in a tough spot at work, need help dealing with your employment problems, or even if you just have questions, these are the lawyers you want to see. These are the lawyers you want in your corner.